Requirements of the Major in International Languages and Cultures with a Chinese Concentration

To earn a bachelor of arts degree with a major in International Languages and Cultures/Chinese, a student must satisfy the following minimum requirements in addition to the general college requirements:

1. Core courses in the concentration. Seven courses (28 semester-hours) from the following list. At least three must be at the 300-level or above, and must include at least one culture course (ILCC 355 or 356) and one literature course (ILCC 362 or 363):

  • ILCC 101: Elementary Chinese I
  • ILCC 102: Elementary Chinese II
  • ILCC 201: Intermediate Chinese I
  • ILCC 202: Intermediate Chinese II
  • ILCC 355: Chinese Culture I: Contemporary China (repeat able for core credit)
  • ILCC 356: Chinese Culture II: China's Self-criticism (repeat able for core credit)
  • ILCC 362: Chinese Literature I: Contemporary Literature (repeatable for core credit)
  • ILCC 363: Chinese Literature II: Pre-Communist 20th Century Literature (repeatable for core credit)
  • IDIS 495: Fudan Credits

See the SMCM catalog online for course descriptions.

2. Elective Courses. Two courses (8 semester-hours), chosen in consultation with and approved by a Chinese-area adviser, that constitute an integral elective field of focus that broadens, deepens, give historical relevance to, or conceptualizes the student's understanding of the area of concentration, including:

  • Discipline or cross-disciplinary course (Asian Studies)
  • Upper-Division courses taken in Fudan and at St. Mary's

3. ILCT 293: Introduction to Cultural Studies (2 semester-hours). Must be taken at the same time as or right before the first 300-level course in ILCC/ILCF/ILCG/ILCS by those students planning to major in International Languages and Cultures.

4. ILCT 393: St. Mary's Project Workshop (2 semester-hours). Should ideally be taken the spring of the junior year, immediately before beginning work on the St. Mary's Project.

5. ILCC 493-494: St. Mary's Project in International Languages and Cultures (8 semester-hours)

Total: 48 semester-hours

Chinese major worksheet