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Recoleta Cemetery in Buenos Aires

In keeping with the ILC department's cultural studies orientation, our majors examine a wide variety of cultural expressions in their SMPs, including, but not limited to, literature.


St. Mary's Projects

The International Languages and Cultures major requires that students produce an 8-credit St. Mary's Project. The project allows students to tailor the major according to their own needs by pursuing their interests in one or more subfields of study: literary or cultural analysis, creative writing, linguistics, translation, foreign language pedagogy, etc. In preparation for the SMP, all majors enroll in a St. Mary's Project Workshop in the spring of the junior year, which exposes them to the different subfields of study and helps them refine their research skills. At the end of their senior year, they present their project to students and faculty in the department.
For more details, review the requirements for the International Languages and Cultures major.

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Bianca Giosa: "Mi Buenos Aires Queerido: The Argentine Tango Out of the Closet in the 21st Century"  (Spanish)

Maureen Hager: "An Existentialist State of Mind: The Role of Jean-Paul Sartre in Post-War France" (French)

Thomas J. Kenny: "Atlas Begrudged: The Implications of Greater German Influence in the Eurozone" (German)

Lucy Kuhna: "The Spanish Influence on Philippine Culture: The Conflict of Muslim Mindanao and the Search for Philippine Identity" (Spanish)

Tiko Mason: "Mothers, Saints and Spirits: Reincarnation of the Female Body Politic in Argentina"  (Spanish)

David McClelland: "How Exposure to Cosmopolitan Japanese Views and People Influenced 4 Individuals During the Chinese Republican Era (Zhou Zuoren, Lu Xun, Wang Jingwei, and Sun Yat-sen)" (Chinese)

Joshua Santangelo: "From Pistols to Pamphlets: How a Socialist Revolution Created a Feminist Movement in Nicaragua" (Spanish)

Pui Sham: "Happiness or Success? Surviving a Tiger Mom" (Chinese)

Lauren Nicole Smith: "The Ways of a Sweet Hearts Baker: An Online English to Spanish Translation of Baking Recipes and Translation Theory" (Spanish)

Hannah Walsh: "Return What is Ours: Buy Local! Safe Communities, Food Access, and the Economic Potential of the Hispanic Community in Baltimore City" (Spanish)

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Gursharan Kaur Bawa: "Chinese Rural Education: Needs and Wants of a Rural Classroom" (Chinese)

Elle Cano Bejerano: "Exploring Teaching Methods in the US and China: Should American Schools Kowtow to the Gaokao?"  (Chinese)

Joey Deckman: "Student Influence and Activism in the Southern Cone"  (Spanish)

J. Thomas Dickey: "Ostrock: The Complex Relationship between the East German Government and Its Subversive Rock Musicians" (German)

Julia Furey: "Every Little Step/Cada Pequeño Paso 5K Benefit and Critical Analysis of Non-Profit Event Planning in the Community" (Spanish)

Ellie Hammack: "'Why Can’t I Live on Candy?': Addressing Issues of Nutrition in the Latino Youth Population"  (Spanish)

Laura Hewins: "Where Past, Present, and Future Intersect: Representations of State Terrorism in Argentine Middle School History Classrooms"  (Spanish and Latin American Studies)

Mary Hyatt: "The Sexual Revolution in Mexico: How Contraceptives Shaped the Roles of Women"  (Spanish)

Leah Klump: "Soy ArgenChina: Globalization and Its Cultural Impacts in the Case of Soy Trade Between China and Argentina"  (Spanish and Chinese)   

Rosa Palumbo: "Undocumented Voices: The Social Context and Human Stories of Immigration" (Spanish)

Lauren Pescatore: "Crossing the Border: Bridging Communication Gaps through Constructive Discourse in the Survival English Curriculum" (Spanish)

Anna Shaull: "Small Farmers, But How Much Change? The Issues Facing the Future of Fair Trade" (Spanish)

Eleanor Sullivan: "Kicked Out of the Closet: Gender and Celebrity in Soccer Advertising"  (Spanish)

Rachel Waldron: "Classifying Crime: Public Reaction to the Papin Affaire in 1930s France"  (French)

Samantha White: "The Piquetero Movement: Forming a True Social Movement Through a Time of Crisis in Argentina" (Spanish and Latin American Studies)

Xin Zhang: "The Freedom and Boundaries of the Translator: A Comparison of Mainland and Taiwan Translations of the The Poor Always Pay Back" (Chinese)


Philip Alsop: "Living in Snail Houses - A Representation of Chinese Society and Change Through TV Drama" (Chinese)

Elizabeth Davies: "The Conception of Motherhood in Argentina: Social Class, Public Health and Abortion Rights" (Spanish)

Andrew Giovanni Foster: "Poetic License in Castro's Cuba: El Caso Padilla" (Spanish)

Kaitlyn Gregory: "The Calle 13 Revolution: The Expression and Evolution of Concepts of Latin American Identity through the Songs of the Puerto Rican musical group, Calle 13" (Spanish)

Nathan S. Hesse: "Not all Who Wander Are Lost: Journeys through Peru, Uruguay and Argentina" (Spanish)

Lindsey Hunter: "The Education of Resegregation" (French)

Christine McGraw: "Memorializing the Argentine Dirty War (1976-1983): A Translation of Documentation of Crimes against Humanity Committed through State-sponsored Terrorism" (Spanish)

Joyce Miranda: "A Personal and Historical Look into the Indigenous Andean Town of Cabanaconde" (Spanish)

Alexander Molina: "Childhood in Translation" (Spanish)

Hannah Pinkerton: "Traditional Latin American Medicine in the Modern World" (Spanish)

Julia Plant: "French Language Learners in France and English Language Learners in America: A Comparative Study of School Systems, Approaches and Results" (French)

Raevynn A. Williams: "The Influence of the African Diaspora in Latin American Dance" (Spanish)

Jacob Wines: "Changing Visibility and Xenophobia: An Analysis of Modern Immigration Flows to Argentina" (Spanish)

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Rose Akca "Recipes for Change: Women Reimagining the Mexican Kitchen" (Spanish)

Saara Kamal: "Tomber la Chemise: Undressing Cultural Secrets through the Music of Zebda" (French)

Christine Brock: "Changing Perspectives: An Ecofeminist Reading of Me llamo Rigoberta Menchú y así me nació la conciencia." (Spanish)

Brian Caffey: "A Look into the Lives of Chinese Migrant Workers" (Chinese)

Amy Carson: "The Revoutionary Works of José Clemente Orozco" (Spanish)

Julia Doran: "Feminist Activism and the Paris Commune of 1871" (French)

Layne Curry:  "The Legacy of Colonization in Urban Space:  The Transformation of French Immigrants in the 20th and 21st Centuries" (French)

Lindsey Goldsmith: "Propaganda and Revolution: Nicaraguan and U.S. Perspectives on the Sandinista Revolution" (Spanish)

Claire O'Donnell: "Sustainable Community Development in Nicaragua: A case study on the Foundation for Sustainable Development" (Spanish)

Adam Kachinske: "Brecht Handbuch" (German)

Juline Kaleyias: "Children's Literature: The First Step to Strengthening Sino-U.S. Relations" (Chinese)

Jarrod Lathrop: "Indistinguishable Truth: The Relationship between Organized Crime and Chinese Cultural Beliefs as Portrayed in Andrew Lau/ Alan Mak's Wu Jian Dao Trilogy" (Chinese)

Austin Lyman: "Mexican Immigration to Alabama: The Effects of Gender and Economics on Female Mexican Immigrants' Access to U.S. Dental Care in the New Southeast" (Latin American Studies)

Alex McKay: "Constructed Memory: A Close Examination of the Memory Park in Buenos Aires" (Spanish)

Denisse Ormaza: "Haitian Bodies in America: Edwidge Danticat and Dany Laferrière" (French)

Christine Patterson: "Salvadoran Women Chasing the American Dream: An Oral History of War and Immigration" (Spanish)

Nick Rabano "Lies of Necessity: The Story of a Gay German Youth in Nazi Germany" (German)

JaVon Townsend: "Las Aventuras de la Superminoria: Reflexiones de Mis Experiencias en el Extranjero (The Adventures of SuperMinority: Reflections on My Experiences Abroad)" (Spanish)


Steven Anderson: "Evolution of the Clitic Pronouns in French and Spanish" (French and Spanish)

Erin Bischoff: "Impact of the Sandinista Revolution on Nicaraguan Society" (Spanish)

Ibonne Henríquez: "Aroma de cacao con sabor rebelde: antesala de la independencia de Guayaquil de 1820. Historical Fictional Novel" (Spanish)

Pui-man Mak: "Time of Change: the Mexico City and Beijing Olympics" (Spanish and Chinese)

Ethan Meyer: "Process: Genuss und Verdruss (Pleasure and Unpleasure). An Analysis of Franz Kafka's 'Das Urteil'" (German)

Joelle Mornini: "Global Web of Resistance: the Utilization of the Internet by the FARC and the Zapatistas" (Spanish)

Katherine Rubino: "Historia ficción: una vía a conexiones personales con la historia. Isabel Allende y el Chile de Pinochet" (Spanish)

Julia Snyder: "Mafalda: the Little Girl with the Big Thoughts" (Latin American Studies)

Melanie Soto: "Deconstructing the Myth of the Puerto Rican National Identity: Discourse in Rosario Ferré's Maldito Amor" (Spanish)

Kathryn Tiches: "Chinese Single Motherhood Stigmatization: Will It Get Better?" (Chinese)

Carmen Tong: "China Fever in the U.S.: Adjusting to America's Sudden Interest in Learning Chinese" (Chinese)

Rebecca Tuttle: "Re-ecrire la Maghrebine: le bildungsroman feminine au Maghreb postcolonial" (French)

Joshua Walter: "Immigration from Turkey to Germany and from Mexico to the United States: a Comparative Analysis" (German)

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Monica Bulger: “The Effect of Qi on Chinese Culture” (Chinese)

Ifeanyi Ezeigbo: “Stranger in Paradise: A First Person Novella About Self-perception of an African in Contemporary Spanish Society” (Spanish)

Beth Garwood: “An Unconventional Bond in Tradition-Based Chinese Society: Exploring ‘Sworn Brotherhood’ Through the 14th Century Novel Romance of the Three Kings” (Chinese)

Emma Livingston: “Chinese Opera: A Creative Exploration (Chinese)

Stefanie Matthews: “The Transnational Appeal of Taiwanese Drama Across Asia: Meteor Garden and Hana Kimi” (Chinese)

Molly Rue: “Translating for Latinos in the Judicial System: Emphasizing Differences or Facilitating Communication?” (Spanish)

Jennifer Shaumburg: “Ms. Charlotte in the Bathroom with the Kitchen Knife: The Case of Charlotte Corday” [a screen play during the French Revolution] (French)

Claire Slesinski: “The Impact of Immigrant Status on Victims of Domestic Violence: A Report on Leah’s House” (Spanish)

Laura Walker: “Wir sind Helden in Translation: A Band Without Borders” (German)

Whitney Erin Weaver: “El Jarocho: Late con Fuerza: A Documentary on Mexican Jarocho Music” (Spanish)

Annie Weisburger: “A Latino Family in the United States: Negotiating Traditional Gender Role in a New Cultural Context” (Spanish)


John H. Adams: "King Arthur & Dietrich von Bern: An Analysis of Medieval Warrior-Kings" (German)

Amanda Alonso-Valenteen: "Living in Dos Mundos: Mi historia real" (Spanish)

Markea Daniels: "La adoración de Dios: Música de devoción traducida del inglés al español" (Spanish)

Gina Dreyer: "Mi mundo multilingual (Stories of Learning Languages)" (Spanish)

Amanda Hepler: "The Teaching of Culture in Secondary Language Education" (French)

Chelsea McCracken: "A lever le voile: Un roman" (French)

Kate Meyer: "Cuando las ideas y las palabras se encuentran: una traducción de Harriet the Spy" (Spanish)

Andrea Moody: "Politics and Textbooks in China" (Chinese)

Stephanie Moskios: "Mujeres Unidas" (Latin American Studies)

Sharlitta Myrick: "Carnival: Crossing Cultural Lines" (Spanish)

John Neville: "Feng Jicai on the Cultural Revolution: Ten Years for One Hundred People" (Chinese)

Lydia Park: "The Bilingual Culture of Korean-Argentines" (Spanish)

Sarah Pernick: "Maltrato: El abuso físico contra las mujeres en Sevilla" (Spanish)

Dora B. Sabella: "The Poetry of Roberto Sosa: Promoting of Social Change in Honduran Society" (Spanish)

Jessica Wells: "La violencia doméstica y el machismo: Manejo de límites para hombres" (Spanish)

Samantha Zabel: "Teaching Chinese through Stories" (Chinese)

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Anela Collazo: "From the Literal to the Culturally Specific: The Art of Translation and Its Application to Las venas abiertas de América Latina by Eduardo Galeano" (Spanish)

Allie Courtney: "The Political Theater of Eva Perón and Jiang Qing" (Spanish and Chinese)

Marianna DiMeo: "The Art and Craft of Translation in Folk Tales" (French and Spanish)

Linden Ellis: "Yuan Ming Yuan: Reflections of the State on Nature." (Chinese)

Andrew Gnagey : "'En nuestros dominios existen algunos malos cristianos': Religious Doctrine, Conversion, and the Expulsion of the Jews and Moors from Spain" (Spanish)

Christopher Goggin: "The Politics in Love: Explorations of the Impact that Love Songs had in China through Translations of Chyi Chin’s Music" (Chinese)

Ellen Kernan : "Through Their Eyes: A Study on Assimilation of Latinos into the United States" (Latin American Studies)

Andrea Kordonski : "Multicultural Literature and Its Use in the Elementary Classroom" (Spanish)

Stacey Mays : "Latina Stereotypes in Popular US Film from Silent to Contemporary" (Latin American Studies)

Miranda Oakley: "Translation Work for Point Lookout State Park" (Latin American Studies)

Nikki Porter: "Las Hormiguitas: The Little Ants" (Spanish)

Hope Swank: "Facebook en Español" (Spanish)

Catherine Teater : "Madres Latinas en St. Mary's County: Adjusting to a New Life Style" (Spanish)

Ilka Allen: "Forty-three Years of Struggles: The Participation of the Panamanian Woman in the Social and Political Space (1903-1946)" (Spanish)


Danielle Bliss: "Nosferatu and Dracula: German and American Adaptations of Bram Stoker's Dracula: A Historical Exploration" (German)

Ellen Farrell: "A Song to Color-Cover the Blush: Poems Written in English Translated into Spanish" (Spanish)

Sarah Fisher: "Unveiling Public Schools: A Study of the French Secularity Law" (French)

Rachel Laribee: "Cell Phones and Coca-Cola in the Land of Prayer Wheels: Traditiona and Modernity in Contemporary Tibet" (Chinese)

Alvaro McRae: "Nicaragua en mi piel: In Search of My Identity" (Spanish)

Lindsay Peters: "Globalization's Threat to French Identity with Respect to Food Culture" (French)

Nadine Ravitz: "Gender Role Formation among Latino Preschoolers in Washington, D.C." (Spanish)

Sarah Richman: "Spanish Women Writers in Exile (1939-1975)" (Spanish)

R. Michelle Trotter: "Literature as Therapy for Women Authors in Chile and Argentina: Confronting the Trauma of the Dictatorships" (Spanish)

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