Course Reserves: Guidelines for Faculty

What Can be Placed on Reserve?

Books, journal articles, and a/v materials can be put on physical course reserve. Reference materials, materials from other libraries or rental services, and entire journal issues cannot be put on reserve. We will not put the same materials on both electronic course and physical course reserve at the same time.

Syllabi, sample tests, guides, class notes, articles, and book chapters can be scanned for electronic course reserves.  Most class materials are password protected. Passwords will be emailed to you once the materials are ready for viewing.

We will put personal items on reserve, but please keep in mind that we cannot be responsible for lost or damaged materials. 

You must comply with all copyright guidelines. Please contact Celia Rabinowitz with any copyright or fair use questions.

Submitting Reserve Requests

Please check the online catalog for call number, title and author information before requesting that SMCM Library materials be placed on reserve.  If an item is currently checked out, we will attempt to retrieve it before it is needed for reserve.  Items marked “missing” or “lost” are unlikely to become available.

New reserves request forms must be submitted through the Faculty Portal. Archived eReserve articles and continuing physical reserve materials must be requested each semester by emailing Cheryl Colson.  Be sure to include the course name and number, item title and author.

Submitting Reserve Materials

Library-owned materials
If you submit a request form for SMCM materials at least 48 hours in advance and include complete call numbers, we will retrieve the items for you. For photocopied materials such as journal articles, please submit clean photocopies, including copies of the title and copyright pages. Please include your name and course number.

Personally-owned materials
Remember that we cannot be responsible for lost or damaged personal materials. For book excerpts or journal articles please submit clean photocopies, including copies of the title and copyright pages. When submitting books, binders, videos, etc., please include your name and course number.

eReserve materials

Library fair use guidelines allow us to digitize complete journal articles and poems and approximately 10% of a book. Please submit clean, one-sided photocopies of book excerpts. Personal materials will be returned to you after they are scanned. In lieu of photocopies you may submit a pdf file or other electronic document, for course syllabi, test guides and other personal materials. We will create direct links to online resources available through licensed databases. Please fill out the form with complete citations and include the persistent URL.

Processing Reserves

The earlier you submit forms and materials the better! We will try to process requests within 48 hours of receiving the materials. We receive our largest volume of requests just before and after the beginning of each semester, and we process them on a first come, first served basis.

You may change the loan period, add items, or remove items from course reserves at any time by contacting Cheryl Colson with your request.  Personal materials will be returned to you via campus mail. To give a student or other faculty member permission to use a reserve item for longer than the reserve loan period, please contact the Circulation Desk at (240) 895-4264.

At the end of each semester all personal items will be removed and returned to you. Electronic course reserves files will be removed and archived.