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Computer Science Co-operative Education Program (CSCEP)
(Application Deadline: Feb. 25th, 2011)
(Anticipated Decision Date: March 18th, 2011)

In 1996 St. Mary's College of Maryland joined with southern Maryland business organizations in a partnership to expand our ability to recruit and educate outstanding students in the field of computer science. The college had expanded its computer science program, and took the opportunity that this afforded to work with local business organizations to enhance our ability to compete with the best colleges and universities in recruiting students with outstanding potential in computer science. This program has been very successful. Over 40 students have thus far participated in the program. Many graduating computer science majors point to this program as the most important part of their undergraduate experience.

The Coop program provides an outstanding opportunity for students to pursue studies in computer science, obtain real-world work experience, earn money to help pay for their education, and participate in enrichment activities. Through contributions made by local business organizations, students selected for the Coop program will, between their sophomore/junior and junior/senior years, work full-time for one of the sponsoring organizations while living in the college dorms.

The College will provide (for a minimal fee) each student with housing during the student's summer work periods. (Meals and transportation are the student's responsibility.) Students will be assigned to sponsors based upon the interests and needs of both the students and the sponsoring organization. In most cases, a student who successfully completes his/her first summer work period with a sponsor will return to the same sponsor the next summer. However, it may on occasion be in the best interest of the sponsor, the student, or both for a different student to be assigned to that sponsor for the second summer work period. The College will facilitate communications between sponsors and students to help ensure successful summer work experiences. The student will be paid a minimum of $10/hour. After completion of each summer internship, the student will receive a $1,000 scholarship ($500/semester for two semesters with the second installment contingent upon receipt of a final report from the student).

Any non-graduating student can apply to this competitive program, although only in exceptional cases will students be accepted for a summer internship immediately following their first year.

If you wish to apply for entrance into the program, please email answers for the following questions to before the date listed above:

  1. Explain in a paragraph or two why you are interested in a career in mathematics or computer science. If there is a particular aspect of computer science in which you are interested, make sure to indicate it.
  2. Describe any relevant skills or experiences which would help qualify you for this program (work, computer clubs, experience with different hardware, languages, etc.).
  3. List all computer science courses you have taken (also those you are currently taking). Include the date taken, the institution where the course was offered and the grade received (if applicable). Do the same for any relevant courses in other disciplines such as mathematics.