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This year Dave Kung gave one of the MAA's Distinguished Lecture Series talks in DC! Watch the short version of the talk above, read more about it at the MAA website, or watch the entire talk

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2012 SMCM Putnam Team

The 2012 Putnam Team - 

the 71th ranked team out of 578

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klein bottle opener

SMCM Mathematics Klein Bottle Openers!

Every math major at SMCM earns herself one of these during the annual spring Awards Ceremony. What exactly is a Klein Bottle? It's the non-orientable surface with no "inside" or "outside" pictured on the opener. When trying to figure out the graphic, it helps to know that it says "SMCM Mathematics". Wikipedia has a good entry with more info on Klein Bottles.

Here's Sandy at the very first ceremony explaining to students what a Klein Bottle is:

Sandy explaining Klein Bottles