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6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.

Media Center Highlight

HD edit station

The Media Center now boasts a High Definition digital video editing station

Media Center Spotlight

Students on SMP Presentation Day

We also have a new digital recording studio.

Welcome to the SMCM Media Center.

The Media Center department of the SMCM Library provides a wide variety of digital media tools and outstanding staff in support of the teaching and learning mission of the College.

The Media Center also supplies equipment and trained technicians to enhance and contribute to the successful presentation of lectures, cultural, and athletic events on campus. We provide services, facilities, and outreach to all members of the College community through training opportunities, equipment loans, and state-of-the art facilities for graphics, recording, and multimedia production.

Services and Facilities Include:

Our mission is to play a pivotal role in developing interest and providing support for the integration of new forms of media in all aspects of scholarly and cultural expression on campus. Faculty, students, and staff are encouraged to become skilled and life-long learners of these new means of communication.

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