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Births and Adoptions

Edward Cole

To Adrienne Henderson-Cole ’89 and Edward Cole,a son, Carter William Henderson-Cole, born January 30, 2007.  He joins big brother Cameron.

To Cynthia Seymore-Jews ’91 and Rudy Jews, a son, Conner Riley Jews, born July 28, 2007. He joins siblings Colby and Miranda

Kai Buff

To Jesse Buff ’92 and Denise Mortimer, a son, Kai Buff, born May 13, 2008. Kai joins his big sister, Phoebe, who is 2. They live in Takoma Park.

Maggie Ji Jing

To Laura Poore Kocorowski ’92 and Michael Kocorowski, a daughter, Maggie Ji Jing, adopted from Nanjing, China, in December 2006. Maggie was born July 21, 2005. Their son, Matthew Michael Kocorowski, was born October 3, 2007.

Aidan River Thompson

To David Thompson ’92 and Debbie Thompson, a son, Aidan River Thompson, born April 2, 2008. He joins brother, Dylan, 2.

Jacob Michael Crimmins

To Bernie Crimmins ’94 and Cindy Granger ’95, a son, Jacob Michael Crimmins, born August 25, 2008.

Peyton Marie Dawson

To Debbie Craten Dawson ’94 and Charlie Dawson, a daughter, Peyton Marie Dawson, born May 23, 2008. She was welcomed by big brothers, Luke, 3, and Evan,2. Peyton’s godmother is Karen O’Neill ’94.


To Leslie Simms Holston ’94 and Jabbar Holston, a son, Khalil, born May 27, 2008.

To Karen Raley ’94 and Terry Reese, a son, Charles Aubrey Reese, born May 17, 2008.

Elliott Lewis Broyles

To Lauren Matukaitis Broyles ’95 and John Broyles, a son, Elliott Lewis Broyles, born Sept. 7, 2007. He joins big sister Zoe, 3.

Celia Rose Crimmins

To Kate Mitchell ’95 and Jim Crimmins, their second daughter, Celia Rose Crimmins, born April 16, 2008.

Liliana Faith

To Jennifer Fryman-Williamson ’96 and Dale Williamson, a daughter, Liliana Faith, born June 25, 2008. She joins sister Amberlyn and brother Kaedin.

Dawson Jacob Bennett

To Missy Lewandowski Bennett ’97 and Mike Bennett, a son, Dawson Jacob Bennett, born February 4, 2008.

To Marni Lindquist Kiernan ’97 and Joseph Kiernan, a son, Erik Gunnar Kiernan, born July 19, 2008. Big brother, Liam, was born in 2005.

Aidan Emery Glendinning

To Laura Seevers Glendinning ’98 and Andrew Glendinning ’97, a son, Aidan Emery Glendinning, born December 3, 2007.

Isaac Aaron Chosee

To Deborah Pollack ’98 and Malkiel Choseed, a son, Isaac Aaron Choseed, born April 8, 2008.

Rowan Graham Angelini

To Dave Angelini ’99 and Serena Graham Angelini ’00, a son, Rowan Graham Angelini, born June 10, 2008. The family just moved to Frederick County; Dave will be working as the resident developmental biologist at American University.

Amelia Mitchell

To Bonnie Coy Mitchell ’99 and Seth Mitchell, a daughter, Amelia Mitchell, born October 23, 2007. Both Bonnie and Seth graduated from vet school last year and work in small animal practices in Saratoga, New York.

Cole Bennett Craddock

To Christine Loftus ’99 and Sean Craddock, a son, Cole Bennett Craddock, born January 29, 2008.

Madelyn Anne Rockenbaugh

To Jeffry Rockenbaugh ’99 and Elizabeth Haan Rockenbaugh ’00, a daughter, Madelyn Anne Rockenbaugh, born January 25, 2008.

Aidan Michael Thur

To Becky Banwarth Thur ’99 and Steve Thur ’00, a son, Aidan Michael Thur, born June 29, 2008. He has a sister, Ashleigh Rose, 2.

To Jessica Geoghegan Chiappelli ’00 and Jeremiah Chiappelli ’00 a second daughter, Cassandra Juniper Chiappelli, born April 20, 2008, joining big sister Jillian Luna.

Sarah Bennett (on the left) and Elizabeth Kathlyn

To Erin Sheridan Thompson ’00 and Cris Thompson, twin girls, Sarah Bennett (on the left) and Elizabeth Kathlyn, born March 27, 2008.

Lily Rebecca Stysley

To Paul Stysley ’99 and Karen Beck Stysley ’00, a second daughter, Lily Rebecca Stysley, born February 5, 2008, joining big sister Miriam, 2.

Jason Eric Collins

To Lisa Ham Collins ’01 and Jerome Collins, a second son, Jason Eric Collins, born August 25, 2008, Jackson, 3.

Connor Joseph and Keira Siobhan

To Mike Walsh ’02 and Meghann Walsh, twins, a son, Connor Joseph and a daughter, Keira Siobhan born February 12, 2008. Mike teaches science at Wilde Lake Middle School in Columbia, Maryland.