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Births and Adoptions

To John '89 and '03 and Jean Spinicchia '90, not one but two babies. Spin's Twins, Nico and Rebecca, were born June 27, 2006. Both future St. Mary's graduates are the apples of their parents' eyes!


To Fernando Galindo '90 and Nicole Galindo, a son, Luke Michael Galindo, born February 11, 2008. His big sister Grace, now 5, is ecstatic to have a baby brother!

Caroline Harmon

To Kimberly Jarrett Harmon '91 and David Harmon, a daughter, Caroline Elizabeth Harmon, born April 21, 2007.

Olivia Jones Primanzon

To Jessica Cox-Jones Primanzon ’91 and Michael Primanzon, a daughter, Olivia Ann, born December 31, 2007. Big brother Connor has come to grips with the idea that she is not going back to the store.

Sam Shaffer

To Josh Shaffer '91 and Amber Nimocks, a son, Samuel N. Shaffer, born February 22, 2007.

To Kelly Riskin Campen '92 and Marc Campen, a son, Jack Joshua Campen.In the spirit of St. Mary's, Jack was welcomed into this world via a water birth at home May 18, 2006, weighing 11 pounds 8 ounces. He joins his two big sisters, Grace 5 and Isabelle 3 1/2.


To Amy Smith Mayo '92 and husband Joe, a daughter, Emley Rose born June 27, 2007. She joins big brothers Robert and Stephen. The family lives in Grasonville, Maryland.

To Jan Nahas Mazraani '92 and Tony Mazraani, another son, Noah Ronald Mazraani, born September 21, 2006. Big brothers Nicholas and Matthew are excited to have another boy join the crew! GO, BOYS!

Alex Bird

To Zahia Khan Bird '93 and Benjamin Lee Bird III, a son, Alexander Lee Bird, born August 12, 2006.

Olivia Marchbank

To Stephanie Pugh Marchbank '93 and Paul Marchbank, a daughter, Olivia Renee Marchbank, born May 3, 2007. She joins big sister Elizabeth Leona.


To Andrew Donovan’94 and Christine Eid Donovan, a daughter, Annabelle Grace Donovan, born December 5, 2007. Annabelle was welcomed by her proud sisters Quinn and Maeve, and her brother Tyler.


To Jackie Aitoro Hanson '95 and Chris Hanson, a daughter, Aurelia Rose Hanson, born August 9, 2007.  Aurelia is their first child and they are thrilled!


To Scott Leppert '95 and Amy Kovacs, a daughter, Natalie Louies Leppert, born November 27, 2007, in Seattle, Washington, where they currently live.

To Cathy Anderson Mailman '96 and Wes Mailman, a son, Aidan Leonard Mailman, born January 27, 2007.  This is the couple's first child.  Cathy works as a physical therapist for Nassau University Medical Center, and the family lives in Long Beach, N.Y.

Jaime Eaton

To Kristin Parrish-Eaton '96 and Joshua Eaton '96, a daughter, Jaime born November 10, 2007. She joins big brother Lucas who is 2.

Braden bass

To Elizabeth Santini '96 and Tom Bass, a son, Braden, born July 24, 2007. They are both veterinarians, and Elizabeth works for the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture in central Pennsylvania.


To Jennifer Riffle Schugam '96 and Larry Schugam, a second son, William Henry Francis Schugam, born July 3,2007. He joins big brother Arthur.

Miriam Campfield

To Amanda Smith Campfield '97 and Michael Campfield, a daughter, Miriam Elizabeth Campfield, born November 7, 2007. She came into this world at a mere 4 pounds 8 ounces but is gaining and developing very well. Amanda is pursuing her master's degree in speech-language pathology at the University of Tennessee.


To Stuart Kreindler '97 and Marcy Kreindler, a son, Jack William Kreindler,  born December 7, 2007. Big sister Lily just adores him.


To Carrie Coppinger O'Donovan ’97 and Tod O'Donovan, a daughter, Quinn Mackey O'Donovan, born February 22, 2007.


To Misty Uhlfelder Troll '97 and John Troll, a daughter, Amelia Mariel Troll, born May 31, 2007.


To Monica Bell Ivy '98 and James Ivy '98, a son, Jameson Charles Ivy, born October 30, 2007. Mom and Dad expect he'll be playing rugby and soccer and growing a handsome beard in no time.


To Kate Orr '98 and Chris Wallace, a son, Ian Thomas Wallace, born July 11, 2007.

To Drew Weaver '98 and Brianne Smithson Weaver '00, a son, Jansen Jacob Weaver, born January 19, 2008.


To Elena Varipatis Baker '99 and Steve Baker, a daughter, Stella Elise Baker, born May 16, 2007. The whole experience of pregnancy and childbirth was so meaningful and lasting that Elena is now pursuing doula certification to aid other moms in having positive experiences.


To Liz Potter Barker '99 and Mark Barker, their second son, Eli Potter Barker, born December 21, 2007. Big brother Luke is very excited to have another boy in the house!

Courtney Perraut

To Wendy Lewis Perraut '99 and Mike Perraut, a daughter, Courtney Erin, born January 21, 2008. She joins big sister Kylie in keeping Mom and Dad busy.


To Matt Bachtell '00 and Kristin Soya Bachtell '01, a son, Nathaniel James Bachtell, born December 13, 2007, and joined his big brother Gabriel, in making every day of their lives an adventure!  The Bachtell family lives in bucolic Shepherdstown, West Virginia. Matt works in Frederick, Maryland, as a librarian and Kristin is pursuing her master's of arts in teaching at Johns Hopkins University.

Leo Carter

To Jeff Carter '00 and Anne Seehaver Carter '01, a son, Leo Gabriel Carter, born January 5, 2007. Leo, his brother Aidan (born 5/28/04), and the Carters live near Charlottesville, Virginia, where Jeff manages a diabetes lab, and a cell and pancreatic islet isolation core facility. Jeff thanks the biology department at St. Mary's for preparing him for the "real world" after his undergraduate education.

William Jauquet

To Heather Martin Jauquet '00 and William P. Jauquet '00, a son, William David Jauquet, born March 29, 2006.

To John Marzulli '01 and Vivian Hawkins '02, a daughter, Genevieve Florence Marzulli, was born February 22, 2008, in Seattle, Washington.

To Megan Haji Manley '01 and Jonathan Manley '02, a son, Jordan Tyler Manley, born October 13, 2007.

To Nick Vallandingham '02 and Tracy Vallandingham, a son, Drew Nicholas Vallandingham, born August 5, 2007.

Medelyn Neal

To Andy Neal '03 and Christy Faggio Neal '02, a daughter, Madelyn Rose Neal, born January 25, 2007, weighing 7 lbs, 7 oz. and was also welcomed by her aunt, Julie Faggio '10. As you can see by the photo, she is already sporting her St. Mary's apparel.

Luke Pattugalan

To Lilly Walsh Pattugalan '05 and Erwin Pattugalan, a son, Luke, born October 23, 2007, at the naval hospital in Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. Luke has kept Mom busy while Dad is deployed to Iraq.