St. Mary's College of Maryland

MAPP Mentors 2012-2013


Kevin Lawton

Kevin Lawton (Student Program Coordinator)Junior
Major: Psychology
Minor(s): Neuroscience
Hometown: St. Leonard
An interesting fact about me...I am an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and a Resident Assistant (RA). 
Why am I a MAPP mentor? I decided to become a mentor because I enjoy the leadership role and being able to guide people in the right direction. The transition into college can be difficult and it is always good to know someone will always be there.


Rakeena Banks

Rakeena Banks, Senior
Major/Minor: English, TFMS
Hometown: Goldsboro, NC
An interesting fact about me… I’m a poet, and was the Spoken Word Vice President for two years.
Why I became a mentor… I became a mentor to help all the incoming first years get adjusted to St. Mary’s, and be there to listen and help however I can!


Marty McGowan

Marty McGowan, Senior
Major/Minor: History
Hometown: Bowie, MD
An interesting fact about me...I have traveled to South Africa, Australia, and Disneyland.


Zara Marvi, Junior
Major/Minor: Political Science
Columbia, MD
An interesting fact about me... I lived in Asia for almost three years and graduated from an international high school with an International Baccalaureate Diploma.  
Why am I a MAPP mentor? I know that the first year of college can be a little overwhelming so I want to help first years with that transition. By being a mentor and a friend, I can make a difference in these student's academic career at St. Mary's. I also love meeting and getting to know new people. Interacting with first year students and the other MAPP mentors allow me to do that. There is a great sense of community within MAPP which I feel incredibly honored to be a part of.


Andrew Reighart

Andrew Reighart, Senior
Major/Minor: Environmental Science and Public Policy 
Hometown: Towson, MD
An interesting fact about me...I studied abroad in Ecuador, Australia and France last year!
Why am I a MAPP mentor: I wanted to give back to a program that helped me to have a successful first year at SMCM both socially and academically. I also became a mentor because I wanted to broaden the program's conceptualization of multicultural diversity to include sexual orientation. 



Jasmine Jones, Senior
Major/Minor: English Major, Spanish Minor
Hometown: Gaithersburg, MD (Montgomery County)
Currently residing: Gaithersburg, MD (Montgomery County)
An interesting fact about me... I traveled to Ecuador for two weeks and slept in the Amazon rainforest!
Why am I a MAPP mentor? I enjoy being able to be able to positively impact someone's life--my mentees know they can come to me for any and everything, and that I can be one of their support systems if they ever need one! Having experienced college life, I really enjoy sharing some of the things I've learned during my time here at St. Mary's so I want to make the high school-to-college transition as easy as possible for my mentees!



Pooja Taneja, Junior
Major/Minor: Sociology Major/Education Minor
Hometown: Gaithersburg, MD
An interesting fact about me... Both my parents are deaf so my first language is American Sign Language and I was adopted from India. 
Why am I a MAPP mentor? I had two great mentors when I was a MAPP mentee my first year and I wanted to do what they did for me: help 1st years feel at home and know that I am here for them when they need me.



Chelsea Cesaro, Junior 
Major: Psychology major
Hometown: Baltimore City, MD
An interesting fact about me…I still have 2 baby teeth
Why am I a MAPP mentor? I became a mapp mentor because I love meeting new people and helping them in any way I can.


Eugene Hammond

Eugene Hammond, Junior 
Major: Political Science & Economics
Hometown: Ghana
Currently residing: Silver Spring, MD.
An interesting fact about me... I learned how to fence my freshman year and I love it. Plus I enjoy watching and playing soccer and talking about politics.
Why am I a MAPP mentor? It's awesome. Me meeting new students and helping them get acquainted to the college as well as getting to know them is a really great experience. Its always nice to know that there is someone you can count on when the need arises and that's what we are here for.

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Jasmine Bazemore
Major/Minor: Undecided
Hometown: Baltimore, MD
An interesting fact about me...My favorite color is purple. 
Why I became a mentor: I love the program and what it does. 

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Carly Wilson
Major/Minor: Math, Economics 
An interesting fact about me...My family and I lived in Germany for three years when I was in middle school. 
Why I became a mentor: I became a mentor because it sounded like a great way to give back the St Mary’s community and meet a lot of new people. I had a really great first year at St Mary’s and I would love to help other people do the same.

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Donovon Collins
Major/Minor: Economics
Hometown: Fort Washington
An interesting fact about me… I play on the Rugby team and I have studied abroad in Australia for 6 months.
Why you became a mentor… I chose to become a mentor because I love to give back and give inspiration to people. I also like giving good advice that would last for a lifetime.

Other Mentors

Julie Durbin