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What are the responsibilities of a Sullivan Museum Scholar?

In addition to continuing to meet eligibility requirements, Museum Scholars develop a portfolio that provides an opportunity to reflect on his or her experiences in the program and how those experiences intersect with the broader fields of museum studies, public history, and historic preservation. 

Most students will design their portfolio around an internship or assistantship in a museum setting.  Museum Scholars will receive a stipend for participating as an intern or assistant.  Museum Scholars are responsible for identifying the museum in which they wish to be placed and securing approval from the host site and the Museum Studies coordinator.  For more information on how the stipend process is administered, click here.

The design of the portfolio is decided by the student in consultation with the coordinator of the Museum Studies Program, and may consist of journal entries, notes, work products, images, and other materials that speak to the student's experience as a Museum Scholar. Students are encouraged to think creatively about what constitutes a portfolio and to explore an array of options, including the development of exhibits.

Museum Scholars are also expected to summarize and share their experiences with other participants in the program and more generally with minors in the Museum Studies Program. Museum Scholars are often called upon to visit classes in order, for example, to describe the practical experiences made possible by the stipend or a recently-attended conference.