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The Museum Scholars Stipend - Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the Museum Scholar stipend?

Each Museum Scholar will have the opportunity to draw a stipend of up to $3000 each year. Students must reapply every year they wish to participate in the program.

How is the stipend to be used?

The stipend may be used for a variety of purposes related to the program's mission, including working in a museum setting, credit or no-credit internships, or funding an otherwise unpaid internship or assistantship. Stipends may also be used to offset travel costs to conferences or to purchase supplies and materials for related projects.

Please note that stipends may NOT be used to support paid internships or paid employment

When can the stipend be used?

The stipend may be used throughout the academic year, or students may choose to use the stipend to support otherwise unpaid work during the summer (graduating seniors must draw down the funds no later than June 30 of their final year of study at the College).

Where can the stipend be used?

Students may use their stipend at any host site, including but not limited to the Boyden Gallery and Historic St. Mary's City.  Students are encouraged to explore opportunities available at museums throughout the southern Maryland and Mid-Atlantic region, especially if they plan to use the stipend during the summer. 

How do I get approval to use my stipend?

Because of the range of potential uses for the stipend, Museum Scholars, in conjunction with the Museum Studies Program coordinator (or his or her designee) develop a plan for the expenditure of the stipend.  The plan shall be approved prior to the distribution of any funds; students are strongly cautioned that unapproved expenditures may not be reimbursed.

What are typical reimbursement cost rates?

Typically, students participating in an unpaid internship or assistantship will be reimbursed $10.00 for every hour they are on-site at their host museum. 

Students who use their stipend for travel will be reimbursed standard travel costs according to the State of Maryland's schedules.  Students who use their stipend to purchase supplies and materials will be reimbursed the cost of those items. 

Please note that reimbursements cannot exceed $3000. 

Can I use the stipend to support the required internship for a minor in Museum Studies?

Yes! Museum Scholars do not have to be enrolled in an internship for academic credit in order to receive funds. However, students may wish to explore a for-credit internship to satisfy Museum Studies minor requirements and other college requirements. 

For students applying for internship credit, the SMCM Career Center urges you to PLAN EARLY.  The application process has been made more rigorous as part of the effort to elevate standards across the curriculum.  Students enrolled in credit internships are required to complete additional work outside of the work environment to insure academic rigor and learning objectives.

For questions concerning credit internships, visit the Career Center's internship webpages or contact the Career Development Center at 211 Glendening Hall; phone 240.895.4203; email

Who can answer any other questions I have?

Contact Julia A. King, coordinator for the Museum Studies Program, with your questions.  She can be reached at or at 240.895.4398.