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As part of their participation in Museum Studies, students undertake an 8-credit internship or two 4-credit internships. Possible internship locations include SMCM's Dwight Frederic Boyden Gallery of Art, Historic St. Mary's City, Jefferson Patterson Park and Museum, Sotterly Plantation, Calvert Marine Museum, St. Mary's County Recreation, Parks, and Community Services Museum Division, and other cultural institutions located across the country and all over the world. In fact, Museum Studies minors have completed internships as far away as Plymouth Plantation (the recreated Pilgrim village in Massachusetts) and The Gambia (as part of SMCM's Study Abroad program there). Students are strongly encouraged to coordinate their internship plans with the chair of the Museum Studies Program and the Career Development Center. Further information will be posted here about special internship opportunities for students in 2013. Agreements are already in place for opportunities with the GLBT Museum in San Francisco and an archaeology dig in Jamaica.