Summer at St. Mary's


Professor Jeffrey Silberschlag conducting the Chesapeake Orchestra at the River Concert Series.

Study abroad in Italy

Choir and Orchestra in Alba

You can participate in the Alba Music Festival, two weeks of intensive music making in the north of Italy.


Online Databases and Using the Library

Online resources

There are fabulous things available online for your use, either on campus or off campus.

For working from off campus, or not connected to the SMCM network:

International Music Score Library Project / Petrucci Music Library.  This complete free and completely open site has an astounding collection of downloadable scores, including virtually all public domain works by virtually all the major composers. 

Access to restricted sites from off campus (including those listed below) can be found here:  Click Here

When on campus, or connected to the SMCM network, some direct links:

Groves Online This is the standard classical music encyclopedia, and can be a good first place to look for information.

Naxos Music Library This is a huge collection of recordings for online listening -- sorry, no downloading.  Anything we don't have a CD or LP of in our library (and most of what we do have) can be found, often in multiple performances, at this site.  PLEASE NOTE that when using Naxos, you MUST LOG OUT AFTER YOU ARE FINISHED LISTENING!!!!

You can find many other useful electronic reference materials, including searchable databases of scholarly articles, by clicking HERE.

In the Library

The main library for the college houses a music collection of recordings, scores, periodicals, and reference materials.  Scores, recordings (LPs, CDs, and tapes), and video recordings (DVD, VHS, and some laserdics) may be checked out or may be used in the library.  Periodicals and reference materials must be used in the library.

The library building has listening and viewing facilities, and quiet study spaces (desks, small rooms, tables with chairs).

The holdings of the library are on a computer catalog.  If you have difficulty finding something, you should ask a librarian.  You can, of course, search online through the Library's webpage (click HERE to go there).

If you need something that the library does not have, you can order things from the University of Maryland catalogs, which are searchable online.  Delivery of items from U of M campuses to St. Mary’s College is within a matter of days.  If these libraries don’t have what you need, you can use Inter-library loan.  For more information about either of these, see the research librarian on call (at the desk on your left as you enter) or the people at the main check-out desk (on your right as you enter).

If you are having trouble finding anything, VISIT THE LIBRARY AND ASK THE REFERENCE LIBRARIAN.  These people are professionals and are excellent resources: they know the library, the know how to find things––in the library or on the internet. They are VERY happy to help you.  They are there specifically to help you with your searching.

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