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Students in the tropical marine biology class often go to Caribbean waters during Spring Break to conduct research for their SMPs. This faculty-led, 10-day program takes place in Belize, which features Mayan ruins, a rainforest, and the second largest coral reef in the world.

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Why major in natural science when you can major in such separate disciplines as biology, chemistry, biochemistry, physics, and math/computer science? Because the course requirements in natural science are spread broadly across the five areas. The major in natural science is intended for the science-oriented student who wishes to acquire a broad background in the fundamentals of science and mathematics while concentrating in one of the specific disciplines. This makes natural science the ideal major if you are interested in fields such as biostatistics, biophysics, a career as a scientific or technical librarian, or a business career in a science-oriented industry.

Students often choose a secondary focus to a major in natural science, such as neuroscience, environmental studies, philosophy, computer science, psychology, or history.