Natural Science
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Students in the tropical marine biology class often go to Caribbean waters during Spring Break to conduct research for their SMPs. This faculty-led, 10-day program takes place in Belize, which features Mayan ruins, a rainforest, and the second largest coral reef in the world.

Declaring a Major in Natural Science/NS Major Committee

The program is directed by a committee composed of faculty members from the natural science disciplines. A student may either elect one of the eleven approved standard programs listed below or, in cooperation with the adviser, design an individual program. Students electing a standard program must indicate the selected option when the major is declared with the associate provost for academic services. A student who opts for an individual program must develop a detailed proposal and submit it to the natural science committee. All such programs need to be approved by the natural science major committee described above.

Standard Programs

The standard approved programs are the following:

  • Biology: Computer Science
  • Biology: Mathematics
  • Chemistry: Biology
  • Chemistry: Computer Science
  • Chemistry: Mathematics
  • Chemistry: Physics
  • Computer Science: Physics
  • Mathematics: Biology
  • Mathematics: Physics
  • Physics: Computer Science
  • Physics: Mathematics

Double Majors

Due to the interdisciplinary nature of the natural science major, it can be part of a double major only if the concentration in the natural science major does not overlap with the requirements for the other major.