Natural Science
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Students in the tropical marine biology class often go to Caribbean waters during Spring Break to conduct research for their SMPs. This faculty-led, 10-day program takes place in Belize, which features Mayan ruins, a rainforest, and the second largest coral reef in the world.

St.Mary's Projects

By definition, a St. Mary's Project is in an area of the student's special interest. The interests of natural science majors are many, as shown by the titles of some SMPs:

  • Mathematical insights into Species competition
  • Scientific illustration of a vertebrate zoology lab manual
  • The aerodynamics of a golf ball flight
  • Gene mapping of a familial skin disorder
  • A conservation education resource on coral reef ecology

A Ph.D. candidate in graduate school writes:

"The St. Mary's Project was crucial for getting accepted to one of the top five Ph.D. programs in the nation. Completing a research project showed that I had experience in designing and carrying out a research project, which is something that graduate schools look for. "