Seminars & Events

Thursday, September 11, 2014: Dr. Bevil Conway (Wellesley College) will speak on his research in visual neuroscience and color at 4:30 pm in Goodpaster Hall 195.

Monday, October 27, 2014: Dr. Todd Gould (University of Maryland Baltimore) will speak on "Genes to behaviors to treatments in bipolar disorder" at 4:45 pm in Goodpaster Hall 195

Friday, December 5, 2014:  Dr. Brian Mathur (University of Maryland Baltimore) will speak on "Braking bad: Aberrant inhibitory neurotransmission in addiction" at 3:00 pm in Goodpaster Hall 195.


Alumni Highlight

Check out Jordan Gaines Lewis '11's award-winning blog, Gaines on Brains.




SMP Spotlight

Katie Gluskin and Jeff Haus present their SMP
Katie Gluskin and Jeff Haus, "Entorhinal Cortex Lesions, Habituation, and Latent Inhibition," 2013. Gluskin and Haus, the 2013 co-winners of the Neuroscience Award, infused a neurotoxin into the entorhinal cortex of rats to induce a lesion, and measured the resulting habituation and latent inhibition behavior within a fear conditioning paradigm.


Martin, K. (2003, May). The Effects of Flumazenil on Learning Set Formation in nBM Lesioned Long Evans Rats: GABAergic Influences
Mentor: Dr. Aileen Bailey


Eight Long-Evans rats were randomly assigned to one of three groups: nBM lesion (n=5), sham-operated (n=2), non-operated control group (n=1).   Initial testing indicated learning set formation in control animals but a significant impairment in learning set formation in the nBM lesioned group.   Treatments of flumazenil (3mg/kg; i.p.), a benzodiazepine inverse agonist, did not improve learning set performance in the nBM lesioned animals in a series of novel odor-unique discrimination problems.   

Read the paper (pdf format, 381 KB)