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A New Graphic Identity

June 2, 2014
Press Release #14-035


St. Mary’s College of Maryland today unveiled a new graphic identity designed to celebrate and solidify the college’s strengths and recognition among the nation’s best colleges and universities. A ‘soft’ rollout of the new graphic identity, designed by Claude Skelton Design, began in March on the college’s website.

Key aspects of the new design:

  • St. Mary’s College’s new graphic identity reflects the college’s position as Maryland’s only designated public honors college, committed to providing the highest levels of academic rigor for all students.
  • Emphasizing the name “St. Mary’s,” the wordmark projects a bold and confident outlook. By placing “College of Maryland” together on a line, it clearly indicates that the college is part of the Maryland system, distinguishing it from the many other St. Mary’s Colleges.
  • The Baskerville typeface used for the wordmark is a strong, historic font, representative of the history of the college.
  • The embellishment of a wave instead of a period under the “t” in “St.” gives visual representation to our location on the St. Mary’s River.
  • The seal is not part of this new identity. It is retired from the college’s graphic identity and, in the future, its use will be reserved for official ceremonial items like diplomas.

The college community can expect to start seeing newly branded merchandise in the college bookstore by June 12.

“A clear message and a strong brand identity help institutions leverage their strengths,” said Lee Capristo, director of publications, St. Mary’s College Department of Enrollment Management. “The right visual representation should say who we are in a meaningful way. Our new graphic identity does just that. It maintains our traditions while nodding to the growth and innovation to come.”