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St. Mary’s Center for the Study of Democracy Announces Associate Professor Kenneth Cohen as Interim Director

July 8, 2014
Press Release #14-050


The Center for the Study of Democracy is pleased to announce Dr. Kenneth Cohen, St. Mary’s associate professor of history, as interim director. Cohen will begin his position on August 1, 2014 and a permanent director will be selected by the end of the academic year.

Dr. Cohen has served on the Center for the Study of Democracy Advisory Board since 2009. He has also served as the Museum Studies Program Coordinator and directed the Sullivan Scholar’s program. Cohen engages his students with history outside the classroom and utilizes cultural organizations such as Sotterley Plantation and the Calvert Marine Museum with his course material.

Cohen’s scholarly research interests explore the relationship between commercial entertainment and political engagement in early America, including sports history. Additionally, Cohen was recently featured on National Public Radio’s history program, “BackStory,” aired on American University Radio WAMU 88.5. The show entitled “U.S. vs. Them” discusses the historical roots of international sporting competitions.

This year, the Center plans to hold events relating to the midterm election and Maryland’s gubernatorial race. In addition, the Center will sponsor speakers and programs supported by various departments and faculty. “The Center is a leader in engaging students with events going on outside the campus whether it is national politics, local politics or community development,” said Cohen.

The Center for the Study of Democracy promotes the examination of historical issues related to democracy and liberty on national and international levels. The program boasts success in political education and civic engagement through lectures, conferences, internships and more. For more information on The Center for the Study of Democracy visit