Nitze Alumni: Where are they now?

Lisa in the Peace Corps in Kenya

The world finds Nitze Scholars in a wide range of walks of life. Cookie cutters have their the kitchen.

The Nitze Experience

JaVon and Emily learning how things work in Senegal

The Paul H. Nitze Program offers:

  • three special seminars for each student
  • cultural outings to DC/Baltimore paid for by the program
  • special meetings with high-profile campus visitors
  • an international study tour paid for by the program
  • a stipend of $3000 per year for participants

Community Service Nitze Scholars Community Service Requirement


Fostering a culture civic engagement is at the heart of upright leadership. This is a core value of the Paul H. Nitze Scholars Program at St. Mary's College of Maryland and reflects the importance of volunteering with the intention to serve and strengthen the community. Engagement in community service broadens and deepens students’ understanding of the complex social and economic realities of American society that successful leaders must fully comprehend. It strengthens their understanding of citizenship in a democratic society. It connects them with the campus community as well as off-campus organizations. It allows them to become better leaders as a result.

The Requirement

By April 15 of each year, each Nitze Scholar will complete ten hours of community service approved by the Nitze Scholars Community Service Committee. This committee will consist of each cohort’s Cohort Service Coordinator.

Approved summer service counts toward the next academic year’s requirement. For each semester studying abroad, the requirement is reduced by five hours. Continuing to engage in community service while abroad is encouraged, however.

It is strongly recommended that students provide to their CSC (normally, via email) confirmation of their participation immediately upon completion of any of the hours.

Cohort Service Coordinators

There are four Cohort Service Coordinators (CSCs) in the Nitze Program, each elected by their cohort to serve a term of one academic year.  Through re-election, a CSC may serve up to four terms.  The duties of the CSC include: 

  1. to meet with other CSCs to plan Nitze-specific service outings, which will be approximately monthly;
  2. to share with other CSCs the responsibility for executing said outings;
  3. to maintain the service record of cohort members for the year;
  4. to suggest, as needed, service opportunities for cohort members;
  5. to meet with other CSCs, as needed, in order to address cases of failure to satisfy the community service requirement, up to and including referring such cases to the Nitze Scholars Committee for further action.

Acceptable Services Opportunities

  • Students may propose their own service opportunity to the Community Service Committee, as long as such proposal is submitted at least two weeks prior to the beginning of the opportunity.
  • Service outside the St. Mary’s campus community can be performed at nonprofit organizations and governmental agencies such as health, education, environmental, arts, social welfare, and housing organizations. Volunteering at religious organizations will be recognized with the exception of participation in religious services.
  • Student participation in St. Mary’s student service clubs and organizations are essential to the vitality of the College.  All students participating in student club/organization sponsored community service activities must document their hours of service.
  • Students may not meet the requirement by holding an elected or a paid position in a student club or organization. For example, hours spent planning a book drive as President of Circle-K would not count towards the service requirement, but hours spent collecting and organizing books for charity would count.