Nitze Alumni: Where are they now?

Lisa in the Peace Corps in Kenya

The world finds Nitze Scholars in a wide range of walks of life. Cookie cutters have their the kitchen.

The Nitze Experience

JaVon and Emily learning how things work in Senegal

The Paul H. Nitze Program offers:

  • three special seminars for each student
  • cultural outings to DC/Baltimore paid for by the program
  • special meetings with high-profile campus visitors
  • an international study tour paid for by the program
  • a stipend of $3000 per year for participants

The Nitze Study Tour

As part of the Paul H. Nitze Program, students participate in a study tour in their second year in the program, as the conclusion of their seminar NITZ 280--Leadership Seminar II.

Far from being tourists, Nitze Scholars and their professors meet people and see sites with the context of a full semester of study of the area, its history, and its issues today, thereby experiencing so much more of the people and the places even than most academic study tours.

Nitze study tours:

2011 Ecuador Study Tour:

Kapawi Ecolodge, Ecuador 2011   Hacienda Chorlavi, Ecuador 2011

Nitzes in Ecuador, 2011   Hacienda Zuleta, Ecuador 2011