Meetings & Events

11/14/13 - Annual Book Award Ceremony @ 4:15pm in the Glendening Annex

2/5/14 - Annual Meeting for Resident PBK Members @ 4:45pm in the Glendening Annex

4/1/14 - Initiation Ceremony @ 5:30pm at the Historic State House; dinner following

Phi Beta Kappa Key Info & Order Form


The Society's distinctive emblem, a golden key, is widely recognized as a symbol of academic achievement. The key is engraved on one side with the letters S P, the initials of he Latin words Societas Philosophiae and on the other with the Greek Letters of Phi Beta Kappa, meaning "Love of wisdom, the guide of life." A pointing finger symbolizes the ambition of the members to attain the principles of friendship, morality and learning, which are represented by three stars.

Phi Beta Kappa works with Hand and Hammer Silversmiths to produce keys, certificates, and other items for Phi Beta Kappa members. Members may order items on-line ( or by phone at 1-800-745-8379.

Because the Phi Beta Kappa key is a symbol of academic achievement, it may be worn only by the elected members. Any unauthorized manufacture, sale, or use of the key or any imitation of it should be reported to the Society's national office.