Meetings & Events

11/14/13 - Annual Book Award Ceremony @ 4:15pm in the Glendening Annex

2/5/14 - Annual Meeting for Resident PBK Members @ 4:45pm in the Glendening Annex

4/1/14 - Initiation Ceremony @ 5:30pm at the Historic State House; dinner following

2005-2006 Elections

2006 Initiates

Congratulations to the 2006 inductees! The induction ceremony took place Tuesday, April 4.

  • Kaitlyn Mae Alessi (Economics, Philosophy)
  • Veronica Berruz (Political Science)
  • Lisa Dawn Byrne (Mathematics)
  • Gwendolyn Gabrielle Calhoon (Psychology)
  • Holly Elizabeth Chase (Political Science)
  • Catherine Anne Clemente (English, Human Studies)
  • Amanda C. Dotson (Physics)
  • Linda Erin Elliot (English)
  • Ethan Robert Elliott (Physics)
  • Stephanie Joan Gardiner (Psychology)
  • Rachel Julia Hoppe (Human Studies)
  • Brian David Jennings (Political Science, Economics)
  • Lola Renee Malone (Sociology/Anthropology)
  • Mark L. McAllister (Psychology)
  • Daniel James Moss (Religious Studies)
  • Katherine Ann Northfield (Music, English)
  • Kathleen Baumerich O’Hara (Biology)
  • Nicole A. Porter (International Languages & Cultures, Human Studies)
  • Seth Anthony Quinn (Political Science, Public Policy, Economics)
  • Rebecca Lynn Sawyer (Student-Designed Major)
  • Alexis Mackenzie Seneff (Psychology)
  • Valentina Alexandra Syrkin (Political Science, International Languages & Cultures)
  • Sarah Elaine Tennent (English)
  • Jeremy Cameron Young (History, Music)