Program  Information

Michael Taber, Chair
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Penny Shissler, Office Clerk
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Program Highlight

The department offers a major and minor in Philosophy and a major and minor in Religious Studies. As an active and energetic department, we are committed towards an intercultural, international and interdisciplinary understanding of the world. We teach across the traditional fields of philosophy and religious studies, and beyond the cultural divides of East and West. Departmental faculty likes to teach in a variety of venues (Nitze Program; Women, Gender and Sexuality; Environmental Studies; Asian Studies; African and African Diaspora Studies), to take students on study tours (Greece, Germany/Poland, India, Thailand, and, in the future, England and Israel), and to bring questions of global relevance to the campus communities through scheduling events with renowned speakers and activists.

The Philosophy Club

Truth springs from arguments amongst friends.
-David Hume

The revolution is here....

But who are we?

We are a bomb shelter against the assault on intellectualism afoot in the world today.

We are the last bastion of hope on a planet that has lost reverence for wisdom.

We are the light that breaks over your mind as it drags you out of the cave.

We are Neo in The Matrix.

No, seriously. Who are we?

The Philosophy Club provides the opportunity for students to investigate a variety of different topics through a variety of different venues. The purpose of the club is to provide an informal way for students to present and discuss philosophical or ethical dilemmas and ideas. The Club meets weekly in the evening to discuss and debate issues like fatalism, friendship, and pornography. These topics are typically presented by a short explanation, a student's paper, an article or a movie. The club often co-sponsors presentations by guest speakers. We occasionally take trips to see other speakers or attend conferences like the American Philosophical Association's (APA) Eastern Division Conference.

Are we friendly?

I was worried when I first came to philosophy club, since I thought everyone would be intimidating philosophy majors who'd yell at me for not understanding everything...

-Amaly Snowdon

Note: Amaly was not invited back, as she did not understand everything.

Whom do I contact?

For the 2014-2015 academic year, the officers are:

President: Nathan Smith

Vice President for Communications: Kayleigh Doherty

Vice President for Finances: Evelyn Brooke

Faculty Advisor: Professor Michael Taber: mstaber at smcm dot edu

Please, e-mail us if you would like to be spammed on a weekly basis or help organizing some of the meetings.