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Michael Taber, Chair
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Penny Shissler, Office Clerk
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The department offers a major and minor in Philosophy and a major and minor in Religious Studies. As an active and energetic department, we are committed towards an intercultural, international and interdisciplinary understanding of the world. We teach across the traditional fields of philosophy and religious studies, and beyond the cultural divides of East and West. Departmental faculty likes to teach in a variety of venues (Nitze Program; Women, Gender and Sexuality; Environmental Studies; Asian Studies; African and African Diaspora Studies), to take students on study tours (Greece, Germany/Poland, India, Thailand, and, in the future, England and Israel), and to bring questions of global relevance to the campus communities through scheduling events with renowned speakers and activists.

Reflections, 2006

Reflections, 2006

To download the 2006 edition of the journal Reflections, click here

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As the student-run journal of philosophy and religious studies at St. Mary's College of Maryland, Reflections aims to publish works of the highest quality produced by the college community. Every spring, students are asked to submit papers, poems, and artwork that reflect philosophical or religious themes. These submissions are reviewed anonymously by a board of students and faculty for content, style, and overall appeal to readers in the St. Mary's community.

Reflections is truly a communal effort; without the support of the philosophy and religious studies faculty, funding from the SGA, the dedication of the review board and guidance from the faculty advisor the journal could not exist. Most importantly, the magazine is reliant upon everyone who takes the time to submit papers to the journal; the hard work and thoughtful words of students make the magazine possible.

The editors would like to thank the Student Government Association of St. Mary's College for funding and advisor Kate Norlock, as well as faculty editors John Schroeder and Jon Armajani, for their support, advice, and guidance.

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