Program  Information

Michael Taber, Chair
240 895 4900

Penny Shissler, Office Clerk
240 895 2159

Program Highlight

The department offers a major and minor in Philosophy and a major and minor in Religious Studies. As an active and energetic department, we are committed towards an intercultural, international and interdisciplinary understanding of the world. We teach across the traditional fields of philosophy and religious studies, and beyond the cultural divides of East and West. Departmental faculty likes to teach in a variety of venues (Nitze Program; Women, Gender and Sexuality; Environmental Studies; Asian Studies; African and African Diaspora Studies), to take students on study tours (Greece, Germany/Poland, India, Thailand, and, in the future, England and Israel), and to bring questions of global relevance to the campus communities through scheduling events with renowned speakers and activists.

Departmental Awards

William James Philosophy Prize

2011 Amelia Lynch
2010 Rhett Greenfield and William Hasek
2009 Scott Zuke
2008 Charles W. Stein
2007 Kevin A. Parks
2006 Karen Jarboe
2005 Erik A. Leander
2004 Caitlin E. Newcomer
2003 Stacy J. Sanders
2002 Iain T. Brown
2001 Alana B. Smith and Benjamin S. Thomassen
2000 Roxanne L. Crowley
1999 Robert A. Erlewine
1998 Sharon M. Rebeck and Charles A. Sutton
1997 Jack L. Schermerhorn
1996 Jonathan A. Mickle
1995 Permario Floden
1994 Mark B. MacDougall and Sandra L. Siuta
1993 Stowe L. Teti and Annemarei Wittman
1992 Sean D. McCutcheon
1991 Sarah A. Aaserude and Christopher J. Winterstein
1990 Leslie B. Severy and Barbara L. Thurlow
1989 John E. Irvine and Paul T. Mikulski
1988 David Crosby and Samuel T. Jannotta
1987 Christopher P. Kallfelz and John W. Kimball
1986 John W. Kimball and Shaun E. McGarvey

Religious Studies Award

2011 Nathan Beall
2010 Molly Burtenshaw
2009 Louis Ritzinger
2008 Nicole A. Cronin
2007 Holly R. Gorman
2006 Matthew Baker and Daniel Moss
2005 Allison C. Mull
2004 Paul Clark
2003 Kacey L. Nolle
2002 Bridgette L. Diedrich
2001 Sarah M. Provonche
2000 Erin L. Schuenzel
1999 Anthony E. Minetola
1998 Jennifer A. Houston
1997 Daniel P. Reuben, Jr.
1996 Ruth A. Landerbaugh
1995 Peter D. Verchinski
1994 Kelly R. Dean
1993 Marge D. Lee


Henry Rosemont, Jr. Peace and Justice Award

2011 Aaron French
2010 Aaron French


The Alexander Fraser Award

2011 Keith Colson