St. Mary's College of Maryland

Program Highlight

Students preparing to drop a pumpkin from a window

The Physics Club organizes many activities for all students who enjoy physics.  


SMP Spotlight

Daniel Powell (2009), “Quantum-Walk Analogues of Optical Phenomena” (mentor: Josh Grossman)

Dan received the Department Award in Physics and the Geneva Boone Award for Outstanding St. Mary’s Project.  He presented his SMP research in a talk at the 2009 conference of the Division of Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics of the American Physical Society.  He is currently pursuing his PhD in physical chemistry at Northwestern University. 

Chuck Adler, PhD
Professor of Physics

Photo of Chuck Adler, PhD

Departments: Physics
Office: Schaefer 240
Phone: (240) 895-4343


B.S. in Physics, Brown University
M.S., Ph.D. in Physics, Brown University

Courses Taught:

  • Solar System Astronomy
  • Stellar Astronomy and Cosmology
  • College Physics 1 and 2
  • General Physics 1 and 2
  • General Physics 3
  • Advanced Physics Laboratory
  • Mechanics
  • Electricity and Magnetism
  • Optics
  • Introduction to Astrophysics and Cosmology
  • Quantum Mechanics
  • Statistical Mechanics
  • Senior Seminar: The Science of Science Fiction
  • First Year Seminar: Galileo and the Birth of Modern Science

Research Interests

Prof. Adler investigates novel techniques for cooling and trapping neutral atoms, then using the atoms for sensors such as magnetometers.  He has been involved with research in atmospheric optics for two decades.  Additional projects include research on the scientific and musical work of Vincenzo Galilei and writing a book on the science of science fiction, which will be published by Princeton University Press in late 2013.

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