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March 1, 2011
Action items

February Board of Trustee meeting report

North Campus Pub: How do we get the widest usage possible? How will we gauge success? What is the most campus friendly atmosphere we might create through the design of the room (sports bar, metro, hole-in-the-wall, English Pub etc……)? Name for the venue?

BASE Survey: What is it? Are you (audience members) surprised by any of the issues raised by students? Are there any concerns that rise to the level of action? What kind of follow up steps do we need to take?

What else does Joe need to know?  Offer ideas for future forums.


November 9, 2010

Action Items

What progress has been made on the topics presented at the October Forum (summer on campus, staff senate, north campus food/pub)?

What is the "campus arboretum"?

Should St. Mary’s have a formal honor code?

How does the college budget work?




October 12, 2010
Action Items

What progress has been made on the topics presented at the September Forum (campus beautification, summer on campus, staff senate, messages to elected officials)?

Is St. Mary’s the right size?

What do you think about the Amethyst Initiative?  Should St. Mary’s explore creating a pub on campus?


September 8, 2010
Action Items


What can we do to beautify the campus in the 2010-2011 academic year?

How can we use summer on campus to best support the College?

How should College staff interests be represented?  Should we create a group similar to the Student Government Association or the Faculty Senate?



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