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Alumni Reflections

"I believe (or at least like to think) that I have made many wise decisions in my life. One decision I have made that I know was possibly the wisest of all, was majoring in Psychology. I have used all that I have learned studying Psychology at St. Mary's College of Maryland on a daily basis. Since obtaining my degree I have been employed by two highly accredited organizations that have provided me with numerous life-changing experiences. I worked as a Caseworker with the Choice Program where I worked with at-risk and gang-involved adolescents and their families. I then worked for the Institute for Family Centered Services as a Family Centered Specialist, where I provided home-based family therapy. Had I not received a degree in Psychology from such an incredible college filled with such highly-educated and motivated professors, I would not be writing this post about my past successes. Best major there is (in my opinion)." ~Brian Mansky '07

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Alumni Newsletter

Greetings, Psychology Alumni!

We hope you are well! We are happy to announce the Psychology Department has created a newsletter just for you! Please click on the link below to view the current or previous versions of the newsletter and feel free to send your comments to Angie Draheim at


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Volume 2, Fall 2011

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