Make a reservation!

The Seminar/Meeting Room

If you would like to reserve the use of one or more of the spaces (for a single-day or semester-long reservation), please consult the "current schedule"*  posted on the respective room's page and then send an e-mail request (noting room #, dates & times requested) to Angie Draheim. She will check the room's most current calendar (as it might not yet be updated on the web) for the particular date(s) & time(s) you requested and send you an e-mail within a couple days to either confirm your reservation or find you another space that will meet your needs.

*Note: The "current schedule" shows the days and times in a week when there are already regularly scheduled classes/meetings held in the particular space (i.e. it is not available for you to use). Reservation requests may otherwise be made for any day of the week 8am-10pm.


The Psyc Student Lounge

GH Psyc Lounge

With a great view of the pond next to Campus Drive, this space on the first floor of Goodpaster Hall (between rooms 127 & 128) is a nice place to study for a while or wait for meetings.

Group Observation/Testing Rooms

The small room (GH18) will accommodate approximately 6 people. It includes a dry erase board and is good space for small group meetings or for students to take make-up exams.

The large room (GH22) will accommodate approximately 15 people and includes a dry erase board. There is media projection equipment currently in the room with easy access for hooking up a laptop. It is perfect for small seminars, meetings, and group testing.

Current Room Calendars:

Please Note: Contact to reserve either of these rooms and to double-check room is not in use.