Information for High School Students

Choosing a college and a major are important decisions. Here we try to offer high school students thinking about majoring in psychology a glimpse of the major at St. Mary's by condensing the wide array of information on our site to give students the facts they need to know.

The Psychology Major

The psychology major at St. Mary's College introduces students to the breadth and current state of psychological knowledge, the scientific methodologies of the field, and the application of psychology to real-world problems and events. The general objective of the major is to enhance the understanding of behavior and mental processes and to be able to link of this knowledge to other disciplines.

Students have the opportunity to work with faculty on research projects throughout their academic career and in preparation for their St. Mary's project in their senior year. The opportunity to gain experience in research will also prepare students for graduate school and careers in psychology or related fields. Majors may participate in off-campus internships, field experiences, or international study, either before or as a part of their St. Mary's project.

Areas of Psychological Study

The psychology faculty has a wide range of research interests in both human and animal behavior. We offer courses in behavioral neuroscience, cognitive psychology, clinical and counseling psychology, developmental psychology, sensation and perception, social psychology, and other specialty areas.


Some of the courses we offer include: Introduction to Psychology, Psychological Statistics, Writing & Research Methods in Psychology, Lifespan Development, Abnormal Psychology, Counseling, Personality Psychology, Social Psychology,  Psychology of Women, and Psychological Assessment. And this is just to name a few! See here for more course details

AP Credit

St. Mary's College of Maryland accepts a score of 4 or 5 on the AP Psychology exam. Eligible students will receive 4 credits of college-level coursework comparable to PSYC 101: Introduction to Psychology. Students who receive this credit may take any courses for which Introduction to Psychology is a prerequisite.

High School Student Psychology Journals

Have you written a psychological paper in your high school psychology class? If it meets the criteria, try submitting it to:

The Whitman Journal of Psychology

What is it? An informational journal with two issues a year in Fall and Spring. Authors must be high school students of psychology. Submissions are on an ongoing basis; the Journal accepts empirical research and review articles. Subscriptions are $8.50/year.

For more information, contact:

Student Editor-in-chief or Craig Gruber
Walt Whitman High School
7100 Whittier Blvd.
Bethesda, MD 20817