New Degree Requirements for the Major

(Catalog Years 13-14 and later)

To earn a bachelor of arts degree with a major in psychology, a student must satisfy the following minimum requirements:

  1. General College Requirements (see “Curriculum” section), including the following requirements to satisfy the major:

  2. At least 48 semester-hours as specified in a., b., c., d., and e., below. A grade of C- or better must be received in each course under point 2, and the cumulative grade point average of courses used to satisfy the major must be at least 2.00. Courses taken for Credit/No credit may not be used to satisfy requirements under point 2.

    1. Required Core Courses: 12 credit hours
      • PSYC 101: Introduction to Psychology
      • PSYC 301: Psychological Statistics (previously PSYC201)
      • PSYC 303: Writing and Research Methods in Psychology (previously PSYC203)
    2. Content Breadth Requirement: 16 credit hours
      • PSYC 205: Learning and Cognition
      • PSYC 230: Lifespan Development
      • PSYC 235: Physiological and Sensory Psychology
      • PSYC 250: Social Psychology OR PSYC 270: Personality Psychology
    3. Laboratory Requirement: 8 credit hours; two of the following courses
      • PSYC 320: Psychology of Learning with Laboratory
      • PSYC 322: Biological Psychology with Laboratory (previously PSYC 422)
      • PSYC 324: Cognitive Psychology with Laboratory (previously PSYC 424)
      • PSYC 326: Perception with Laboratory
      • PSYC 330: Developmental Psychology with Laboratory (previously PSYC 430)
      • PSYC 340: Social Psychology with Laboratory (previously PSYC 450)
      • PSYC 370: Counseling and Psychotherapy with Laboratory (previously PSYC 470)
    4. Upper-division Elective (4 credit hours).  One four credit course at the 300- or 400-level not used to fulfill any other PSYC major requirement.

    5. Capstone Courses (8 credit hours). Every psychology major must complete a senior capstone experience. This can be fulfilled in one of two ways:

      1. St. Mary’s Project (8 credits): This project may be in psychology (PSYC 493 & PSYC 494) OR in another major discipline or study area. The guidelines established in the selected area apply

      3. Alternative Capstone Experience. 8 credits, distributed as follows:
        1. PSYC 490: Senior Seminar (4 credits); and

        2. An additional upper-division four credit course, not used to satisfy any other requirements for the major, chosen from the following options:

          • PSYC 402: Advanced Research Methods and Statistics (4 credits); or
          • PSYC 405: History and Systems of Psychology (previously PSYC 305); or
          • PSYC 410: Service Learning; or
          • PSYC 474: Psychological Assessment (previously PSYC 374); or
          • PSYC 497: Directed Research (4 credits)(all four credits must be taken for graded credit during the same semester); or
          • An additional laboratory course in psychology