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"Assisting faculty research (with Dr. Glidden, at Project Parenting) and taking on an ambitious SMP demanded a lot of energy and hard work, but proved to be some of the most fulfilling things I did while at SMCM. It's important to give research a try, especially if you're considering graduate studies."

- Joshua Chiapelli '04

Grant News

In AY12-13

Katherine Grein '13 was selected as the recipient of an award that was established in spring 2012 to honor Dr. Laraine Glidden's career contributions to the advancement of undergraduate participation in research involving individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families.  The award paid $500 towards Katherine’s expenses to travel to the 2013 Gatlinburg Conference in San Antonio to present her work. Katherine worked with Dr. Glidden in either directed research or paid work from her sophomore through her senior year. She is a co-author on a 2012 publication, and they are working together on two others that are under review.

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Research Opportunities

Research opportunities are plentiful in the Psychology Department and getting involved in research is a great way to gain experience in problem solving techniques and the research process. Introduction to Psychology students have the option of participating in research in order to fulfill the Introduction to Psychology Research Requirement and some students have the opportunity to earn extra credit for courses by participating in research. For more details see the Research Participant Pool Information.

Students in PSYC422 (Alex Hernandez, Abby Rowlands, Erin Cammarata, and Trey Cole) present research at at symposium on Campus in Dec. '09

Research can lead to conference presentations and professional publications. Faculty members have a wide range of research interests in both human and animal behavior. Students and faculty collaborate on research projects, with students often becoming involved with ongoing projects in their sophomore or junior years.

More independent research occurs in their junior and senior years with opportunities both on- and off- campus. Off-campus experiences involve internships with local agencies. Students have also participated in directed research in The Gambia. On-campus experiences include volunteering (or taking directed research credits) on an ongoing research project, being employed as a research assistant, and conducting a St. Mary's Project.

If you are interested in collaborating with a faculty member on a research project, please see your advisor or a faculty member with similar interests as your own!

For more information about studying abroad, check out the website of the Office of International Education.

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