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SP12 Courses

Course Instructor Max # of credits
PSYC101.01 (Intro) O'Donnell 5
PSYC101.02 (Intro) Finkelman 8
PSYC101.03 (Intro) Landers 10
PSYC101.04 (Intro) Landers 10
PSYC201.01 (Statistics) Stanton 5
PSYC201.02 (Statistics) Stanton 5
PSYC230.01 (Lifespan) Kosarych-Coy 5
PSYC230.02 (Lifespan) Koenig 5
PSYC250 (Social Psyc) Han 2
PSYC270 (Personality) Young 3
PSYC305 (History & Systems) Finkelman 5
PSYC312 (Sensation & Perception) Hiris 5
PSYC314.01 (Drugs, Brains, & Behavior) Jordan 10
PSYC314.02 (Drugs, Brains, & Behavior) Jordan 10
PSYC331 (Infant & Child) Mirabile 2
PSYC333 (Adolescence) Dennison 2
PSYC335 (Adulthood & Aging) Koenig 6
PSYC375 (Abnormal Psyc) O'Donnell 3
PSYC375 (Abnormal Psyc) O'Donnell 3
PSYC420 (Psyc of Learning w/ Lab) Bailey 8
PSYC430 (Adv Developmental w/ Lab) Mirabile 2
PSYC450 (Adv Social w/ Lab) Tickle  6