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Introduction to Psychology Research Requirement:

Research is an important component of the science of psychology. Students gain a better understanding of the discipline through direct experience with psychological research. Therefore, all PSYC101 (Introduction to Psychology) students must complete a research requirement.

Research Requirement: The Basics

The research requirement must be fulfilled by obtaining 8 research credits. Credits can be obtained either by participating in "I" research (credit allocations vary dependent on study length and researcher factors, but generally 8 credits is equal to about 4 hours across the semester) or by writing summaries of empirical psychology journal articles (one summary= 2 credits). It would also be possible to fulfill the requirement by completing a combination of the two options.

Failure to fulfill the research requirement will result in a grade penalty. Completion of only 4-7 credits will result in a 1/3 of a letter grade penalty (e.g., B+ would become a B, B would become a B-, B- would become a C+). Completion of 0-3 credits will result in a 2/3 of a letter grade penalty (e.g., B+ to B-, B to C+, B- to C). In cases where students have earned 7.5 or 3.5 credits, the instructor may use discretion about the amount of penalty imposed based on other course performance and/or amount of G (extra credit) studies completed (if applicable). Because there are no A+ and D- grades, instructors will determine, based on their grading system, the appropriate deduction in these situations. If extraordinary circumstances, such as extended illness or other serious emergency, prevent you from completing this requirement, you may request an Incomplete from the instructor.

The Research Participant Pool Manager, Angie Draheim, gives a presentation describing this requirement and pool procedures (what studies count for intro or extra credit, account login info, how to sign up) and policies (cancellations, no-shows) in detail to each PSYC101 class during the third week of the semester.

The handout from that presentation can be downloaded here.