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Emily Lawrence

Lawrence, E. (2003, May). Comprehensive evaluation of counselors and their experiences at a summer camp for children and adults with disabilities.
Mentor: Dr. Laraine M. Glidden


Attitudes towards people with disabilities and personality characteristics were studied in relation to satisfaction with a camp experience and likelihood of returning to camp work in 32 female and 22 male experienced and inexperienced counselors working at a summer camp for children and adults with disabilities.

Results demonstrated that experienced counselors had more positive attitudes than inexperienced counselors and that attitudes of inexperienced counselors actually became more negative after the camp experience. Counselors with higher levels of agreeableness and openness as measured by the NEO-FFI also reported more positive attitudes.

With regard to turnover rate, participants that stated they would be likely to return, did in fact significantly return more than participants that said they would not be likely to return. Also, participants that had high SWB camp scores at all three time periods were more likely to predict returning. Lastly, participants who predicted they would volunteer after camp also predicted they would be more likely to return to camp.

The findings demonstrate the importance of personality, experience, career goals and volunteer activity in predicting attitudes and influencing attitude change, and they have implications for the hiring and training of camp counselors.

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Table 1, Tables 2-5, Table 6, Tables 7-13 & Appendixes A-G

Lawrence, E. R., Glidden, L. M. & Jobe, B. M. (2006). Keeping Them Happy: Job Satisfaction, Personality, and Attitudes toward Disability in Predicting Counselor Job Retention. Education and Training in Developmental Disabilities, 41(1), 70-80.