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Elizabeth Weiler

Weiler, E. (2003, May). Altruism, volunteerism, and personality.
Mentor: Dr. Richard Platt


A brief philosophical review of the notion of altruism is offered in the present paper, as well as an extensive psychological literature review of altruism, volunteerism, and particular personality correlates. Upon reviewing literature on altruism and volunteerism, the present study hypothesized that extraversion, openness, and preference for loosely structured volunteer experiences would positively correlate with measures of altruism amongst college student participants who were currently or recently had been involved in some type of volunteer endeavor. Three modes of measuring altruistic motivation (both explicitly and implicitly) in a questionnaire series were designed. All three altruistic motive measures correlated positively with one another. As predicted, there was a significant positive correlation between altruistic motivation and openness, as well as a significant positive correlation between altruistic motivation and a preference for loosely structured volunteer experiences. There was no significant correlation between extraversion and altruistic motivation. Unexpectedly, there were strong positive correlations between principalistic motives and all three measures of altruistic motivation.

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