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Deirdre Bulger

Bulger, D. (2004, May). Nocturnal enuresis and its relation to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and other variables.
Mentor: Dr. J. Roy Hopkins


The purpose of this study was to discover whether attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, gender, familial prevalence, or socioeconomic status (measured only by means of the level of education acquired) were associated with nocturnal enuresis. Prevalence of nocturnal enuresis within the respondents, the perceived experiences at home and in school, self-esteem levels, and interventions used for participants who experienced primary nocturnal enuresis were also considered. Results are indicated with some old information being confirmed and some new information being related. A descriptive analysis of the data revealed that 38 (25.2%) of the 151 participants responded yes to having had or presently experiencing nocturnal enuresis. Most nocturnally enuretic participants (63.2%) responded as receiving no treatment for their enuresis. Of the remaining participants who did receive treatment, only four responded as the treatment received was beneficial in decreasing their enuresis. A chi-square analysis showed that sex had a significant effect among those participants with nocturnal enuresis . A significant effect of enuresis on self-esteem was revealed. The presence of nocturnal enuresis among participants' parents revealed a significant difference in the presence of nocturnal enuresis within the participants. There was a significant relationship between the presence of nocturnal enuresis among participants and family members. Sex had a significant effect among those participants with ADHD and a marginal significance existed between nocturnal enuresis and ADHD. Limitations are discussed and a proposed course for the future of research on the subject of nocturnal enuresis is given.

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