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Erin Baker

Baker, E. (2004, May). Anger management for early elementary school children.
Mentor: Dr. Cynthia Koenig


Anger has become an increasingly prevalent issue for young children in today's society. Research conducted by Kenneth Dodge (2002) and his colleagues suggests that in every social situation there is a cognitive process that every individual unconsciously experiences, which Dodge labels the Social Information Processing Model. According to this model, social information processing appears to occur in six steps, namely, encoding, interpretation, goal setting, strategy development, strategy evaluation, and enactment of behavior. Dodge and his colleagues suggest that when a step in this process is skipped or is misinterpreted, excessive anger or aggression may result. In order to help young children learn to properly process social information to prevent anger and aggression, an anger management curriculum, which includes activities and programs focused on reflection, meditation, physical activity, social skills training, physiological awareness, and positive reinforcement was developed for use by teachers, counselors, and administrators, with first and second graders.

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