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Renee Abell

Abell, R. (2004, May). An exploration of the Child Protective Services system and its impact on child development.
Mentor: Dr. Dana Van Abbema


The process of protecting children from abuse and neglect is intense and complex and has the potential to have lasting positive or negative effects on the children and families involved. Upon review of the literature, information on the incidence of child maltreatment and the difficult process of defining child maltreatment is presented with a discussion of the four basic functions of a Child Protective Services system. Additionally, the processes of the Child Protective Services agency of a county in Maryland are detailed, and its considerations of the caregiver/child attachment relationship, specifically in cases of the removal of the child from the home, are examined. The potential impact of these interventions is discussed, in addition to large-scale societal issues contributing to the difficulty surrounding the protection of children from maltreatment.

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