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Sarah Little

Little, S. (2004, May). "Hookups": Expectations versus outcomes among college students.
Mentor: Dr. Terell P. Lasane


The emergence of a new phenomenon on college campuses called hooking up was investigated. A hook up was defined as a sexual encounter occurring between two people who are strangers or brief acquaintances, that usually takes place on only one occasion, but may occur at several different times. The current study aimed to investigate expectations of post-hook up relationships as compared to actual outcomes of relationships. It was hypothesized that females' expectations would not be congruent with outcomes, that males' expectations would be congruent with outcomes, and that females would have overall more positive expectations for post-hook up relationships than males. Hypotheses about homosexual students were also made but not enough data was collected to analyze these participants. The participants were 64 undergraduate college students, 62.5% women and 37.5% men, mean age = 20.06 years, 56 reported being exclusively heterosexual. Participants were asked to complete 3 questionnaires outlining demographic information, expectations of post-hook up relationships, and outcomes of relationships. It was found that females do have more positive expectations than males for post-hook up relationships, t (62) = -1.675, p < .05. No other significant differences were found between males and females. The lack of other significant results indicates that females enter into hook up relationships knowing what the outcome will likely be. Female college students may not be seeking the long-term relationships that females in general typically seek. Additional results, conclusions, and implications are discussed.

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