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Zakiya Bryant

Bryant, Z. (2004, May). The African-American mentee: Mentoring minority youth.
Mentor: Dr. Janet Kosarych-Coy


Mentoring is a highly important task to take on; it requires tremendous dedication and time. This paper looks at the importance of mentoring and its personal meaning to the writer. In addition, a general overview of mentoring is given to help provide a better understanding of this helping mechanism. Understand the general terms such as: mentor and mentoring, effective communication and population are discussed in depth to give the reader a general view of what takes place in any type of mentoring program. The overall purpose of this project was to demonstrate the importance of mentoring minority youth and the detail the distinct difference between mentoring minority youth in comparison to other youth. To do this African-American youth were used as a catalyst to express this view. Two mentoring programs dedicated to mentoring minority youth were interviewed and surveyed so to analyze the individual programs. In conclusion, the two programs were compared and used as tools to further stress the importance of mentoring African-American youth through incorporating a strong sense of culture into the program and the mentor-mentee relationship.

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