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Aurore Krebeck

Krebeck, A. (2005, May). Cross-cultural and cross-sex interactions among Gambian and US men and women.
Mentor: Dr. Deborah O'Donnell


The Gambia is a small developing nation with a population that is 90% Muslim and a culture that is struggling to find balance between tradition and western influence. The focus of this study is interpretation of cultural influences on interactions between men and women from the US and the Gambia in social and professional settings. Primary data collection method consisted of several focus groups with college females, in both the Gambia and US. The purpose of the study is to provide a way for exchange students from each country to understand their social interactions within the cultural context. Preliminary results reveal that cultural differences in constructs of respect, persistence, class and reputations create cross-sex tension between the cultures and that emotional experiences of women in each culture are similar.

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