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Alexandra Stout

Stout, A. (2005, May). College counseling centers: Challenges and recommendations.
Mentor: Dr. Janet Kosaych-Coy


This study evaluated the counseling services available at St. Mary's College of Maryland by comparing staff perceptions and student opinions. Interviews were conducted with the Director and Assistant Director of counseling services, and 387 students completed an online survey. The results indicated that most students who have been to counseling services would recommend them to fellow students, but almost one third of students who have not been said they considered it and did not go. Students believe the services would be improved if there were more staff members and greater access to a psychiatrist. Increased communication between students and counselors may help increase student awareness of counseling services and comfort with seeking help there.

Read the paper (download the pdf), Table 5, Table 6, Appendices A-C & References