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Megan Shutty

Shutty, M. (2005, May). The effect of muscimol, a GABA agonist, on the acquisition of learning set in male Long-Evans rats.
Mentor: Dr. Aileen Bailey


Fourteen male Long-Evans rats were randomly assigned to one of two groups: saline (n = 7) or muscimol (n = 7). The rats received 0.5 mg/kg of muscimol (intraperitoneal, i.p.) or saline (i.p.) during the initial 40 odor-unique discrimination problems to test effects of muscimol on the acquisition of learning set. Muscimol did not impair the acquisition of a learning set, as evidenced by the significantly higher than expected by chance Trial 2 performance. Muscimol also did not result in performance or motor deficits, or changes in emotionality.

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