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2004-2005 Showcase

Barndt, Carolyn. (2005, May). Bibliotherapy: Developing fiction for siblings of children with Autism.

Hawes, Rachel. (2005, May). The self-fulfilling prophecy in college athletics.

Krebeck, Aurore. (2005, May). Cross-cultural and cross-sex interactions among Gambian and US men and women. *Winner of the Geneva Boone Award for Best SMP in the Division of Human Development for 2004-2005

Lobkowicz, Hope. (2005, May). Aggression, affiliation, and vocalization patterns in the California sea lion, Zalphus californianus. *Winner of the Myron Marlay SMP Grant Award

Shutty, Meagan. (2005, May). The effect of muscimol, a GABA agonist, on the acquisition of learning set in male Long-Evans rats. *Winner of a Sigma Xi Grant

Stout, Alexandra. (2005, May). College counseling centers: Challenges and recommendations.

Wilson, Laura. (2005, May). Measuring students' reactions to Gnosticism.