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Christa Cochran

Cochran, Christa. (2006, May). Therapist personal history variables and their effects on the frequency and quality of self-disclosures in the therapeutic environment.

Mentor: Dr. Libby Nutt Williams


The present study examined the relationship between the personal experiences of therapists and the amount and type of therapist self-disclosures (TSD) used in the therapeutic environment. Two self-report questionnaires were completed by 196 counseling psychologists. The Counselor Disclosure Scale measured participants' level of disclosure related to personal, interpersonal, and professional issues. The Salient Life Events Inventory measured the number and perceived stressfulness of major events occurring in the past year of the participants' life. Correlational analyses yielded significant results, indicating that participants who had experienced a greater number of major life events were more likely use TSD with clients. Results are discussed in terms of previous research, and implications and suggestions for further research are explored.