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Miranda Freethey

Freethey, Miranda. (2006, May). Schadenfreude, social comparisons and competition.
Mentor: Dr. Libby Nutt Williams


Schadenfreude, or feelings of pleasure at the misfortune of another, was investigated under a framework of gender, social comparisons, and competition. Thirty-six participants (29 female, 6 male) acted as the judge of a competition between two manipulation students that were made up (a superior comparison student and an average comparison student) via "online communication." Participants rated Schadenfreude, and various other perceptions about the comparison students. In the second part of the study, the students directly competed with the superior student. Interactions between gender and whether the superior comparison student won or lost were investigated, but no significant results were found. Gender differences were not found in relation to Schadenfreude, and the data do not conclusively suggest that Schadenfreude is experienced in competitive situations. Limitations and implications of the findings are discussed.

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