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Stephanie Gardiner

Gardiner, Stephanie. (2005, December). The search for balance: The acculturation process of Asian American undergraduate students and the role of therapy in the reconciliation of related concerns.
Mentor: Dr. Libby Nutt Williams


The purpose of this study was to explore the various acculturation and ethnic identity concerns that exist among Asian American individuals and to then examine opinions regarding the use of multicultural and cross-cultural therapy for the reconciliation of related issues. After gathering a sample of nine undergraduate Asian American students, phone interviews pertaining to acculturation concerns and subsequent psychological help-seeking preferences were conducted and transcribed. Following the transcription process, a technique known as Consensual Qualitative Research (CQR) was utilized in order to determine trends in the data. Ultimately, researchers determined that acculturation and ethnic identity experiences were highly dependent upon individual factors such as feelings towards culture, parents' feelings towards the role of culture in their children's lives, and the implementation of various coping mechanisms. Furthermore, opinions regarding the use of therapy for the mitigation of these concerns were often contingent upon individual preferences and circumstances as well.

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