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Brittany Zakielarz

Zakielarz, Brittney. (2007, May). Correlates of boundary structure and aspects of dream content.
Mentor: Dr. Janet Kosarych-Coy


This study, examining the relationship between boundary structure in the mind as a measure of personality and several aspects of dream content, involved the administration of Hartmann's Boundary Questionnaire and a Dream Report prompt to 130 college students at St. Mary's College of Maryland. Dream content was analyzed using a modified version of Hall and Van de Castle's system of classification for the content analysis of dreams. Results of several one-way ANOVA's indicated a significant relationship between the number of familiar characters in a dream report and the dreamer's Boundary Category identification. Further significance was found in the relationship between the incidences of threat made by the dreamer and the Boundary Category that the dreamer identified with. Other variables examined were friendly interactions, setting, number of unfamiliar characters, primary emotion, and various demographic variables; none of these yielded significant results.

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